Company Philosophy

To K.K.K.L Sdn. Bhd., our passengers’ life is our utmost concern. Safety is our top priority. We constantly upgrade our coaches and make sure that our coaches are always well maintained to their highest standard and expectation.

Besides, our drivers are strictly interviewed and well-trained so that our passengers can enjoy a reliable and safe journey. Our drivers are required to go through various stages of stringent testing. This is to ensure that every driver possesses both excellent driving skills and a sense of high professionalism. As a safety precaution, drivers are also given training on basic mechanical skills.

Under the top-notch leadership of high level management, K.K.K.L. Sdn. Bhd. comprises of experts of operational, administrative and financial systems. We are able to work together at our best form in a harmonic atmosphere. In our quest of excellent service, our current staffs are regularly sent for courses to upgrade their skills and knowledge to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers. Hence, we are well-trained and committed to our jobs and our company.

Dearest passengers, do have your next journey of business, of travelling, of alone or of groups, have it SAFELY, and have it with K.K.K.L Sdn. Bhd.! Enjoy a good day with K.K.K.L. today!